Holiday Cottages near Norfolk’s Weavers Way

Holiday Cottages near Norfolk’s Weavers Way

Stay at Boundary Stables, only a few miles away from the Weavers Way, one of rural Norfolk’s many footpath and cycle networks. Stretching from the seaside towns of Cromer to Great Yarmouth, once a rail route and now a fantastic way to discover the countryside by foot or cycle.

The 61 mile long Weavers Way, gets its name from the areas historical links to the weaving industry. It was a popular railway in its heyday, closing in 1959, but along the way you will see remnants of its past life with the remains of station buildings and platforms, bridges and fencing. The track leads you through a variety of landscapes with landmarks and interesting views along the way.

Though a long route, even to walk over several days, it can be broken down into shorter sections. Close to Boundary Stables, the stretch of the Weavers Way between Bengate and Stalham makes a beautiful walk year round with plenty of wildlife to look out for- Badgers, Foxes, Deer, Snakes, Kingfishers, Owls and Butterflies and much more.

There are many smaller footpaths that connect to and from the Weavers Way such as the Dilham Canal Walk but be aware that some of these venture on to rough uneven terrain and get muddy and overgrown in the summer months as they are not well trodden! Dilham Canal, created in the 19th century, is the only one of its kind in Norfolk and the only one ever built specifically for wherry boats. There is a very small footpath that leads off from Honing Lock alongside the canal, (that runs adjacent to Honing – East Ruston stretch of the Weavers Way.) It is a perfect place to catch a glimpse and hear the distinctive song of the Reed Warbler, and on several occasions I have seen a family of kingfishers. The marsh at dusk is a popular hunting ground for the Barn Owls.

A fantastic way to see Weavers Way is by cycle, bring your own mountain bike or hire one during your stay at Boundary Stables.