Availability & Booking

If you are looking for a Self Catering Break in North Norfolk we offer all year round accommodation at affordable costs. Our cottages are in the perfect location for you to enjoy a few nights away taking in the beautiful North Norfolk countryside and are equipped with everything you will need to enjoy your holiday.

Week Breaks (7 nights)

 Barn OwlKestrelWren
January 5th£320£320£320
February 9th£390£390£390
February 16th£320£320£320
April 6th£390£390£390
April 13th£350£350£350
May 25th£499£499£499
June 1st£450£450£450
July 13th£570£570£570
August 31st£375£375£375
September 7th£360£360£360
October 19th£480£480£480
October 26th£330£330£330
December 14th£565£565£565
January 4th 2020£320£320£320

Short Breaks (3-4 nights)

 Barn OwlKestrelWren
January 5th£225£225£225
February 9th£275£275£275
February 16th£225£225£225
April 6th£275£275£275
April 13th£245£245£245
May 25th£350£350£350
June 1st£315£315£315
July 13th£390£390£390
August 31st£260£260£260
September 7th£250£250£250
October 19th£335£335£335
October 26th£230£230£230
December 14th£395£395£395
January 4th 2020£225£225£225