Where to stay to see the grey seals in North Norfolk

Where to stay to see the grey seals in North Norfolk

One of the biggest attractions we have at north Norfolk are the amazing Grey Seals. They are just as much a part of north Norfolk as we are and we are proud to have them. Grey Seals are the loveliest and wisest animals you will ever meet, and your kids will simply adore them.

In fact, one of the most fun things you could do in North Norfolk is to go on a boat ride at the North Sea Coast, take out your best camera and capture seals swimming around the boat! It is simply an awesome sight and fun for the whole family, parents and kids alike.

Boundary Stables is located at Happisburgh on the north Norfolk coast, which is perhaps one of the cleanest and environmentally purest beaches you’ll find in the UK.

After spending a pleasant night at our cottages, soon after having an early morning breakfast, our guests head out to the Grey Seal Colonies at the beaches from Sea Palling to Horsey. Some head out for a longer walk, towards the Blakeney Point, which is just a little further up the north Norfolk coast.

You will like the view at the Horsey beach. It is perhaps one of the most unspoiled beaches in the country, and a great place for a brisk morning walk. The common Seal colonies are visible from here, so do carry along your best camera.

You will find the seal colonies at the Sea Palling beach too, which has charms of its own to offer. You will love the walk just as much as you will love watching the seals.

A little further ahead, you have the Blakeney Point, which offers the most stunning view of the Grey Seal colonies. You can view the seals from really up close from here. You can watch the Grey Seals swim, or relax on the beach and bask in the warm sunlight.

The best time to visit is from the start of November to the end of December, when the Grey Seals have their Pups.

It is such a heartwarming sight to see the Seal family – mum, dad and the cute, little pups! Your kids would shriek in absolute delight as they watch the lovely pups – they present such a marvelous sight of pure innocence and beauty, that makes you go, “Aww..”

Come stay with us at Boundary Stables and watch these delightful animals in their natural habitat. Our cottages are ideally located and are only at a short distance away from the seal colonies.

We are a pet friendly holiday accommodation as well, so bring along your dog. He has every right to watch the Grey seals in their natural environment just as the rest of the family!

We guarantee that you are going to enjoy your holiday here in north Norfolk, so book your accommodation at Boundary Stables because we the best place to stay to watch the Grey Seals in North Norfolk.

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