Short break self catering holiday accommodation in North Norfolk

Short break self catering holiday accommodation in North Norfolk

There are lots of reasons why you and your family should go on a short break holiday. Going a short break holiday to a quiet and tranquil place such as north Norfolk, away from the busy city traffic, brings the whole family together. It is important to go away as a family on short holidays, two or three times a year, rather than just once on a long holiday – which is customary in the UK.

When you plan long holidays, it is possible that some members of your family may have to miss out, because of an impending exam or a fast approaching project deadline. When you plan short breaks, you can adjust your holidays to suit everyone in the family, so that the whole family enjoys the holiday together – Mum, Dad and the Kids.

There are several places you could go to on a short break, many in Britain love going to Spain. But really they shouldn’t because the best holiday opportunities are right here at home. You can have your short break holiday here in North Norfolk, which is one of the most peaceful and idyllic holiday retreats in the world, which is certainly much more affordable than Spain, and a lot closer to where you are.

In North Norfolk, you can go on long, expansive walks on trails that run for dozens of miles, experience the tranquillity of the English countryside, visit the quaint little churches along the way, do a spot of seal watching as well. You may refresh yourself at any of the cosy pubs along the way.

And if you are looking for a short break self catering holiday accommodation in North Norfolk, there are none that are better located than Boundary Stables. Our self catering north Norfolk holiday cottages are situated in Happisburgh, which is as close as it gets to the most beautiful Norfolk coast.

You can bring your dog along as well, as our accommodation is pet friendly . We have 5 holiday cottages, each of which is furnished with great attention to detail and will make a perfect short break holiday for you and your family.

At Boundary Stables, we offer self catering holiday accommodation which means we don’t provide food – you have to take care of the food yourself. This might seem to be a disadvantage at first glance, but actually it is not, because self catering holiday cottages such as ours are highly affordable, compared to those that provide food, and where you have to pay for the waiters and chefs.

Also, you don’t have to worry about getting food at the right time when you stay with us because there are quite a few excellent restaurants and pubs situated close to our cottages. You may experience the most sumptuous Norfolk food here. This way you will have a much better choice on what you wish to have for your meals.

So for the best short break self catering accommodation in North Norfolk, which is also pet friendly, book with us here at Boundary Stables. We look forward to your company and we promise that you and your family will have a terrific time here in North Norfolk.

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