Short break holidays for couples in North Norfolk

Short break holidays for couples in North Norfolk

Short break holidays for couples in North Norfolk are a very popular way to relax and unwind after a particularly long and stressful week at work. Short break holidays don’t take long, just a couple of days or so, but they are considered to be much more relaxing and certainly more practical in our busy times than long holidays.

You should actually go on 3 or 4 romantic short break holidays with your partner to a quiet and tranquil place such as north Norfolk. While it is considered a lot more fashionable to go on a holiday to Spain, North Norfolk is the UK’s little secret – we are as good a holiday destination as any in the world.

There are many who say that the peaceful ambience and solitude of north Norfolk, is just what is needed to rekindle the romance in a relationship or a marriage.
At Boundary Stables, which is situated on the beautiful and tranquil north Norfolk coast we have 5 well furnished cottages, where you will get the absolute privacy that you and your partner need. There will be no meddling hotel staff, no one to pry or disturb you. It’s just you and your partner.

There are many lovely pubs and restaurants close by where you may take your partner out on a romantic date, just the way it used to be when you first started going out. The food is great, the staff, very friendly and courteous, and you can have such a lovely time with your partner.

You can then go on long, romantic walks and enjoy our calm and peaceful North Norfolk countryside. You may go along the Paston Way or the Weavers’ Way. The Paston Way stretches for 22 miles and you will love visiting the medieval churches en route – there are 12 of them, and each has a history to tell.
The Weavers’ Way is much longer, stretching for 61 miles and passes through many lovely little towns and villages. And if you get lost, don’t worry, because you can always trust the good folks of north Norfolk to help you out with the directions. You will be amazed at our friendly the folks around here are.

If you are in north Norfolk and haven’t seen the seals yet, well, you haven’t seen anything. You should visit the Grey Seal colonies. The Grey Seals can be seen on the beaches from Sea Palling to Horsey, or a little further down the road at Blakeney Point.

The Grey Seals have their young in the winter and it’s such a lovely sight to watch the Grey seals with their little pups! This is nature at its marvelous best. The Grey Seal colonies are just a short drive away from our cottages at Boundary Stables.
You will love visiting our romantic beaches too. The beach at Sea Palling is really quite splendid, with miles and miles of golden sand in every direction. There are several local beach cafes here on the beach, so that you and your partner may get refreshed after a long walk along the north Norfolk coast.
At Boundary Stables, we offer the best short break holidays for couples in north Norfolk. We look forward to your delightful company soon.

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