Norfolk Holiday Cottages with a Sauna

Norfolk Holiday Cottages with a Sauna

Boundary Stables, hidden away in the stunning North Norfolk Countryside, is the perfect place to relax and unwind in the luxury of a modern, Finnish style sauna. During your well-deserved break away you can spend evenings in ultimate relaxation after long days out.

During your stay you will have a key to the sauna at Boundary Stables for you to make the most of and use anytime, free of charge. Located near the car parking area, the sauna room, for your convenience has a wet room alongside the sauna – with shower sink and toilet. In the entrance hall you will find a stereosystem with DAB radio so you can listen to the radio, choose music from a collection of CD’s, or bring your own and connect your MP3 player.

The sauna originates from ancient Finland – a bathing custom to reap a variety of health benefits that were later believed to have a spiritual significance too. There is an old saying, still heard in Finland today, which translates as – “In the sauna one must conduct himself as one would in church.” The importance of the Sauna as a place of sanctuary, with its rewards to both body and mind, are still held today and has become popular belief worldwide.

Boundary Stables sauna is a wooden, Finnish style sauna room with two tiers and headrests (the hottest level being at the top.) As the sauna heats up, pouring cold water onto the hot coals will add moisture to the air and eases breathing (and any stress!) There are many scientifically proven health benefits of sauna use including: opening the skins pores, help ease cold symptoms and muscle tension and rejuvenating the skin. To get the most out of a sauna session, allow it to heat up fully for 30mins and drink plenty of water to remain hydrated. It is recommended to take a warm shower beforehand (help perspiration,) spending up to 15mins in the sauna and finish off with a cold shower.

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