Holiday cottages in North Norfolk with disabled access

Holiday cottages in North Norfolk with disabled access

Just because you are disabled or have a family member of a family or friend who is, doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy a holiday in North Norfolk. Boundary Stables is proud to announce that our Holiday cottages in North Norfolk have disabled access.

We welcome you to North Norfolk and we are confident that you will enjoy your stay here; the friendly locals, the nice little pubs and restaurants, the scenic natural surroundings and the peace and quiet.

We have 5 holiday cottages in North Norfolk and each has been adapted for wheelchair access. Our cottages are equipped with a wide range of fixtures and fittings that will aid those with special requirements when away from home.

Our goal is to help families have a great time together and enjoy their holiday in North Norfolk, even when they include a disabled member. Our cottages are very spacious and wide enough for wheelchairs.

Each cottage has a well equipped kitchen and our bathrooms have been designed with disabled guests in mind.

All pathways and entrances to our cottages are level and wide enough for wheelchairs. ..

At Boundary Stables, our self catering holiday cottages are located in Happisburgh on the picturesque and peaceful North Norfolk coast. Our cottages can accommodate 2 to 22 people at a time.

Our cottages are pet friendly so there is no need for any of our disabled guests to leave their dogs or cats behind!

So North Norfolk awaits you! We at Boundary Stables look forward to your excellent company.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss which cottage would be right for you, or any way in which we could make your stay in North Norfolk more comfortable.

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