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If you are looking for a Self Catering Break in North Norfolk we offer all year round accommodation at affordable costs. Our cottages are in the perfect location for you to enjoy a few nights away taking in the beautiful North Norfolk countryside and are equipped with everything you will need to enjoy your holiday.

Week Breaks (7 nights)

 Barn Owl, Kestrel, WrenFieldfareGoldfinch
January 6th£300£370£425
March 31st£399£495£525
April 14th£350£435£550
May 26th£499£610£680
June 2nd£450£560£645
July 14th£565£700£800
September 1st£375£465£530
September 8th£350£435£500
October 20th£499£575£660
November 3rd£320£370£425
December 22nd£565£650£750

Short Breaks (3-4 nights)

 Barn Owl, Kestrel, WrenFieldfareGoldfinch
January 6th£210£260£290
March 31st£280£350£370
April 14th£245£300£400
May 26th£350£434£490
June 2nd£315£390£450
July 14th£395£490£560
September 1st£350£435£500
September 8th£245£300£345
October 20th£330£435£500
November 3rd£225£280£320
December 22nd£395£490£545


07786 837187

Boundary Cottage,
Grub Street, Happisburgh, Norfolk, NR12 0RX